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Custom Mobile/Web Application Development

We believe in creating superior products that are worthy of lasting beyond our lifetime. We strongly believe technology can and will change people’s quality of life and we want to be a part of that revolution. We love the web, mobile, IoT and REST based API’s. We are specialists in taking your idea from off of a drawing board to a real time usable state of the art software. In everything we do at TechSkillNation we strive to put quality work and superior customer experience.

 Usability & Clean UI/UX & Design

Success of a web application depends on the delivery, the look and perceived feel of your product. Having a clean, clutter and noise free design with intuitive user interfaces are the key components for successful adoption.

We have the expertise to build clean responsive UI with options to design from mobile first emphasis and scale well to tablets and desktop screens. Design is everything! We customize every aspect of the web application including typography, tables, form elements, notifications, modal popups, navigation, search elements, iconography, and many more elements.

Architectural Guidance (Application & Code Level)

Whether you are building an application from the ground up or customizing data flow between existing systems, such as SharePoint, third party data points, CRM’s and even a mix-match of operating systems, having a solid architecture is critical. Today, there are many choices to deploy your app – In house, hosted, VM, Cloud , Saas model etc. What option makes the best sense for you?

TechSkillNation has expertise in evaluating your current system and design the key architectural components for your system to scale for growth(code and system capacity), minimize data errors.

Performance Benchmarking

How is your site responding to searches, data requests, report generations? A mere couple of seconds delay could make the user easily frustrated. Do you know where to look for, identify and fix the bottle necks for degraded performance?

TechSkillNation has extensive real time experience in evaluating your application at every tiered architecture block of your app – beginning with the back-end data systems, query optimizations, data index checks, SQL configurations  to the web front end elements. We can evaluate end to end transaction, benchmarking data when it leaves your data repository all the way to the end user browser device  JavaScript issues, CSS, image loading, CDN, HTTP request stack, data payload all the way down to the wire!

Development on Microsoft Stack

.NET Development – Web Apps (MVC, Web API, Xamarin) and Windows Applications
Azure,Big Data – Analytic Services with Microsoft SQL Servers
Microsoft SharePoint – Installation, configuration, custom development of web parts and the whole works!
Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Installation and configuration

Open Source Stack

PHP and Python based web projects
Postgres SQL, MySQL
Agile Methodology

Worried about implementation, time line and budget scope creep? Fret, no more! We use agile methodology for development where big chunks of software development pieces are organized into small time bound feature sets. Items from these feature sets are developed, tested and released before moving on to additional development. This method helps to ship usable, tested functionality of your software rapidly, instead of waiting for a long period of time, only to find out more items to fix/develop.