Did you know the #1 way to recover from a ransomware attack is to have a well-designed, implemented, and periodically tested backup plan?

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Data is not only a critical component but the defacto intellectual property an organization creates every day. Think of assets such as various types of files (Word, Excel, Pictures, Videos, PDF, Adobe, AutoCAD files, etc), recipes, financial information, diagrams, designs, drawings, databases, application files, source code, configuration files, end-user generated content.

Shockingly, most companies do not have a solid backup strategy or worst yet, no backups at all. The organizations that have some sort of backup plans in place typically have not tested their backups, and haven’t reviewed if the backup plans are aligned with the business recovery and disaster mitigation plans.

If you are in charge of configuring backups in your organization, are you familiar with the following terms?



Pilot Light

Warm Standby

Are your cloud computing assets backed up?

When was the last time you restored a full backup of ALL your systems? Did you do a dry run and simulated an event to run through who, what, when, and how your organization will recover?

Have your team completed a Tabletop, Checklist, Simulation, and Functional drill?

Have you completed an assessment of your backup needs? Do you need a near real-time backup strategy?

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