Network Design Services

The design decisions made by IT professionals today are of critical importance to business processes. A well-designed network will be more secure and resilient, easier to troubleshoot, and able to scale up and down with needed resources as the business grows.

The network diagram is typically the backbone of the design process. This diagram provides a visual representation of the network and integrates information such as physical connections, quantity, type, location of devices and endpoints, IP addresses, and security processes. To map physical connections, network design software can be used to create a site or office plan.

TSN network engineering team can build a network from scratch by discovering all of your assets, users, devices, LAN’s, WAN’s and ISP’s to create a network diagram. The network discovery process is tailored to meet compliance requirements such as CJIS, PCI DSS, and HIPAA as mandated by your industry.

Tap into our team to design for security, scalability, resilience, and responsible sustainability.


The traditional firewall approach no longer works since our business-critical applications are a blend of cloud and on-premise-based applications and users require secure access to resources from anywhere. We have evolved from a single network perimeter to multiple micro-perimeters. The application has become the new perimeter for many organizations, and traditional firewall deployments have evolved to combine physical, virtual, and cloud-native appliances. As a result, organizations are struggling to operationalize support for modern application environments. The challenges of how to maintain consistent visibility, policy enforcement, and uniform threat visibility without opening vulnerabilities that expose the organization to risk.

Our engineering team has practical experience with mainstream firewall vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Aruba, Palo Alto, and Sonicwall. In working with the cloud systems, we are also knowledgeable in configuring Azure Firewall, AWS Network Firewall, and traditional software-based Firewalls such as PFsense.

VPNs – Site to Site, Point to site, and Cloud to Site Connectivity

TSN’s network engineering team has deep expertise in designing, setting up, configuring, and maintaining many site-to-site connections over IKEV2, IPSec, and L2TP protocols. Our mobile engineering team has deployed Always-On connectivity solutions on Android and iOS based smartphones, tablets, and devices.